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What to Know about Settling into NZ

Whether you’re coming to NZ to visit to work through a working holiday visa or temporary work visa -or, you’re an employer providing support for settlement support for a migrant worker, there are some content we can help with.

Employers: INZ have mandated that you provide specific Settlement information and paid time to complete eLearning Modules within the first month of a migrant starting with you. READ MORE HERE

Travelling to NZ

Most flights come into Auckland which is the largest city.  From there, you can fly (e.g., AirNZ or Jetstar) or bus (Intercity). If you’re planning your trip here, there are some things to think about from our experience helping migrants come to NZ.

Our first check for flight options is Google travel or Skyscanner – both of which are usually a good sites to compare flight tickets through which you can also book flights from one of several travel booking agents.

Things to look for when booking a flight:

  • check-in (23kg) and hand luggage (7kg)
  • Preferably less than 2 stops
  • Convenient departure and arrival times which suits you and for those coming to specific jobs in NZ, for your employer
  • Flexi, Cancellation (Not required unless the dates are unsure)
  • Transiting:
    • Self- Transfer – Where you can, try to avoid self-transfer unless there is abundant time between flights to pick up baggage and go to and check in to the next terminal, if required.
    • Beware transiting through Australia – in some circumstances especially where there is a self-transfer which requires going out of the Transit zone to transfer their luggage or a layover of 8+ hours.  In these cases, you’ll likely require a transit visa which needs to be applied for and approved once flights are made and before travel can be done.  This isn’t a quick process but if not done, you’ll not be allowed to board.
    • Opt for transits/stops where workers doesn’t require a transit visa to transit
      • For example, if you’re travelling from Manila to Auckland, there is a code share AirNZ/Cathay, that transits briefly through Singapore or Hong Kong that are generally reasonably priced.
  • Always select connections times at least/more than 1 hr 30 mins gap between the two flights to allow the passenger to board in and out of the flights, to accommodate any flight delays, etc. – This applies for both International and Domestic flights

When you get into New Zealand, there are a couple of notable carriers from the airport:

  • Skydrive (~NZ$15 Auckland to City Bus Station)
  • Super Shuttle (Airport to Door)
  • Catch a Bus South (Dunedin & Invercargill Airport to Select Stops)
  • Intercity (across NZ to select stops)

Otherwise, for information for broader options, you can check HERE

How to Set up a Bank account and IRD

You need to sign up for a bank account and an Inland Revenue Dept (IRD) number in order to be paid wages. Both processes require in person verifications.

You need to first get the bank account and bank account statement before you can apply to get an IRD number – you’ll need both to be paid.

Banking and IRD Instructions

Speaking Kiwi

New Zealand is an English (and Maori) speaking country but our speech is heavily accented, often delivered in mumbled tones with statements which sound more like questions.  And to add to the challenge, we use words you won’t find elsewhere.  To give a fighting chance for you to understand us, you can check out a mini Kiwi-ism dictionary HERE

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