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Meeting Accredited Employer INZ Obligations

When an employer submits an application to be accredited, INZ attaches certain compliance conditions be met with the objective of helping ensure that both employers and migrants are know and comply with employment law and, more specifically, that migrants are aware of their rights and protections (i.e., preventing migrant exploitation).

INZ have stated that renewal of accreditation will be subject to proof of compliance.  They’ve also said that MBIE have a target of 15% random compliance checks per year – desk based or site visits and failure could result in stand down or ban from hiring migrant workers.

They are actively undertaking these checks which include financial, wages, evidence of settlement information  You can read more here

These mandatory undertakings for which Employers are responsible are threefold and timebound:

  1. Employer – Completion of Online Learning Modules
  2. Employer – Provision of Settlement pack to migrant workers
  3. Employee – Completion of Online Learning Modules

These are outlined as follows:

  Providing Settlement Information

Must be provided to any migrant holding an AEWV within their first month of employment with you

 Employer eLearning Modules

These are a series of 8 online Employment Learning modules, created by MBIE which focus on training on the basics of Employment law from an Employer perspective

Who and By When

Anyone involved in employment related matters pertaining to employees who hold AEWV.  For example, this would generally include people who hire or directly manage workers.

To be completed within the Accreditation period.

You will want to remind these key persons of this obligation and ask that they send the person in charge of HR their completions.

Basic Directions

The first of the 8 modules is the most comprehensive, taking about 30 minutes depending on your familiarity with employment basics and the individual, shorter ones about 10 minutes.  Sign up is probably the most challenging part…

  1. Go to Employment.elearning.ac.nz
  2. Sign up as an Employer
  3. Complete Courses including the quiz in order to receive certificates.
  4. Save Certificate/s or just ensure they’re saved against your account as completed

 Employee eLearning Modules

This is the same as the employer modules but focuses on rights instead of obligations.  Its also 8 modules and similar time estimate.  The modules are translated to a number of different languages.

What and By When

This also needs to be completed within the migrant worker’s first month of employment.

Employers aren’t responsible for ensuring that workers complete the modules only that the worker knows that they must complete this, basic instructions and that you will provide paid time to do this.  You may estimate about 2 hours.

Since MBIE may ask to see proof paid time provided as well as of completion, you may want to note that in a payslip or somewhere else accessible.

Basic Directions

Same structure as that for Employer but allows selection of language. We would suggest to save time in the set up and since these are best done on a desktop, that you sit with the employee to get them started.  Make sure that they have their phone as signup and completion verifications will be sent to their email address.

  1. Go to Employment.elearning.ac.nz
  2. Sign up as an Employee
  3. Complete Courses including the quizzes in order to receive certificates.
  4. Save Certificate/s 
  5. Email a copy of each completed certificate to the Employer

If you need help

If you’d like to find some of the information required for settlement, you can go to here.

If you’d like to access INZ specific instructions around these requirements, you can go here INZ Settlement Requirements .

Helping ensure compliance obligations are being met is a service that FRENZ provide within our recruitment services as well as a standalone service.  If you’d like to talk about us undertaking that on your behalf, you can contact us at 09 303 3505 or through email here.

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