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Parent and Grandparent Visitor Visa

For migrants who have residency in NZ, and who want to be able to have parents or grandparents come and spend quality time for an extended visit, the Parent and Grandparents Visitor Visa (‘PGVV’) is a great option.

This visa option has far less hassle than a residency process and with better visa conditions than a regular General Visitor Visa (‘GVV’).

What is unique about this visa?

Unlike standard GVVs, a Parent and Grandparent Visitor Visa allows a person to enter NZ on multiple entries of 6 months for over 3 years. This way, the parent/grandparent have an open visa and don’t need to apply for a visa whenever they want to enter NZ.


How is this different than a Parents Residency visa?

While the reopening of the Parents Residency Visa was great news for migrants in NZ, there are strict requirements and a cap of only 2500 approvals every year.

In general, there are other benefits to PGVV over Resident Visa:

  • Cost: the fees are considerably lower than for residency.
  • Category: allows for grandparents of the NZ sponsor, not just parents
  • Time: has a processing time estimate of 2-3 months whereas, the Parent Resident visa category is a ballot system, so you have to wait for your Expression of Interest to be selected before your parents can apply.
  • Complexity: The Parent Residency Visa has a high wage threshold and commitment by the sponsors with associated financial proof. This threshold is multiplied by the number of parents.
  • Eligibility: While both visas demand that the NZ-based child/grandchild becomes a sponsor, the requirements are stricter for the residency applications. Some migrants who are unfortunately ineligible to become a sponsor for a parent for a residency application might be eligible to be one for a visitor visa.

Both visas may be the best plan for parents since neither “compete” with one another.

This way, the PGVV would allow sooner visitation and for a reasonable amount of time while a Resident Visa application is either making its way through INZ assessment or the prospective sponsor is working towards meeting eligibility requirements to apply.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

I’m living in NZ and am not a NZ resident/citizen but my child is. Can I sponsor my parent for a PGVV?

Yes! As the “grandparent” part of the visa category implies, this specific visa category allows the NZ-temporary visa holder to become a sponsor, which is an exception to regular immigration instructions. Keep in mind that  grandchild must be under 18 for you to be an eligible sponsor

Are there any specific requirements?

Yes, this visa has specific requirements and conditions different from a General Visitor Visa. For example, only offshore submissions are allowed, and sponsors must be in NZ for the duration of the parent/grandparents time in NZ. For more information, get in touch with your immigration team.

If the parent/grandparents visa sounds like the right option to bring your family together for a visit, we can help you to start this process.

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