FRENZ are talent agents matching the right people to the right jobs

FRENZ Recruitment and Immigration has 25 years’ experience helping hundreds of NZ farmers, and more recently, construction/civil, trade, technical & engineering clients, to meet short and long term staffing needs by providing backpackers, Kiwi and/or offshore candidates who have the attitude and aptitude to help achieve each client’s unique business objectives.

We act with integrity, respect and effective engagement which, combined with our thorough and tested processes, means employers can reduce cost and stress of finding and retaining the right employees and employees can find the job that allows them to be successful at what they love.

FRENZ is a one stop shop for employment needs

As a market leader we offer

  •  End to end as well as standalone recruitment & immigration services – saving you time and stress as we do everything from sourcing and vetting to immigration approvals and onboarding.
  • High quality, motivated candidates, short and long term, with a range of skills and experience to suit your specific requirements.
  • Streamlined processes and expertise to more quickly and cost efficiently bring high caliber staff to work with our deep regulatory knowledge and unique international partnerships.
  • Ongoing advice and support to help ensure a happy and productive employer and employee relationship.

FRENZ’s Range of Services

Recruitment Services
We find, qualify and expertly match the right people to the right positions.

Employment & Human Resources Advice
We offer education services and assistance to understand NZ employment laws, policies and potential impacts to create best practice in your company and avoid issues.

Immigration Services and Advice
We have licensed immigration advisor services to work through the complex processes to obtain work eligibility, residency and citizenship.

Onboarding, Mediation & Support
We help put in place measures to avoid issues and provide support if they arise, including formal orientation sessions and travel management



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