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Accredited Employer Work Visas or AEWV

This is the main work visa in NZ and visas can be granted for either 2 or 5 years. The visa length is dependent on the role you are offered and whether INZ deemed it as a ‘skilled’ position, or a lower skilled role. This is based on ANZSCO.

To get a work visa you must first have a job offer from an employer who has successfully completed the Employer Accreditation and the Job Check.   Click here for a list of Accredited Employers

In addition to having the qualifications, skills and experience to meet your prospective employer’s requirements, you must also meet those of Immigration NZ, which can be a bit tricky. Immigration NZ made changes on 7th April 2024, requiring applicants to meet certain criteria before being eligible to apply from work visa. A summary of these changes can be found on our website here.

AEWV holders may be eligible to support their partners and dependent children for visa to join them here in NZ. The type of visa a partner may be eligible for is dependent on the AEWV holders remuneration.

You must be of good character and in good health.

Note that recent INZ decisions have tied visa eligibility to the median wage hourly rate as determined by NZStats annual surveys

If you’re planning to do a visa, we can assist you, and also guide you on your residence pathway.

“When I hear the words helpful, supportive, understanding, compassionate and intouch, I see FRENZ. All these words describe them. When I was applying for my visa it was quite a stressful time and they were understanding, helpful, supportive and compassionate with regular followups and updates. I would advise them for anyone around this world and any age, because had outstanding service from them.” – Rozanne

Varying a Visa

Varying a Visa through Variation of Conditions or Job Change

Circumstances sometimes change. It is your responsibility to ensure that you always comply with the conditions of your visa.

If you change employers, or want to work while you study, you must make sure your visa allows you to do so; otherwise, you will be working unlawfully.

If you hold an AEWV, you must either get a new visa or apply for a Job Change on your visa to work for a new employer.  The new employer will need to be Accredited and have a valid Job Check. Varying a visa is less expensive than a new visa and generally, though not always, less involved and with a faster turnaround.

A Job change will have the same expiry date as your current visa, but it will allow you to make the change that you need and remain lawfully working in NZ.  You can click here to find more details on the Job Change and Variation of Conditions.

Click here to learn more about Job Change.

Being able to work through a family or partnership visa

With the Family Category, as a partner of a New Zealand Citizen or Resident Visa Holder, you may be eligible to apply for Residence on the basis of your relationship.
INZ will assess the relationship and will require evidence that it is genuine and stable and that you have been living together for at least 12 months.  Additionally,

  • You must meet health and character requirements; but,
  • You do not need to prove your English language ability for this type of residence visa.

Partnership Visa (Partner holds AEWV or student visa) 

If you are the Partner of a Work Visa holder or Student visa holder, you may be eligible for a work visa for the same duration as your partner’s work/student visa

  • You must satisfy Immigration New Zealand that your relationship is genuine and stable.
  • You must be of good character and in good health.

Please note that the type of work visa you may be eligible for is dependent on the the type of AEWV your partner holds. From May 2023; if your partner holds an AEWV and is not working in a role on the green list, or earning 2x median wage; there will be some conditions on the type of work visa your partner may be eligible for.

Those conditions are that the partner must still work for an accredited employer and be paid the median wage.

If the AEWV holder is in a green list occupation or earning 2x median wage, the partner may be eligible for a fully open work visa.

Partnership Visa (New Zealand partner)

If you have lived together with a New Zealand partner for less than 12 months, you may be eligible for a work visa. The length of the work visa may depend on the amount of time you have lived with your New Zealand partner.

  • You must satisfy Immigration New Zealand that your relationship is genuine and stable.
  • You must provide evidence of the duration of the relationship
  • You must be of good character and in good health.

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