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We have extensive experience in providing specialist immigration services

With the increasingly more and involved immigration and employment rules, its a “brave” soul who attempts DIY immigration.

Fortunately, FRENZ’s onsite, specialist immigration team led by Licensed Immigration Advisers, Christiaan Arns and Lauren Smith, have years of experience navigating the array of challenges and potential landmines to help you with a successful outcome.

FRENZ offer end to end services across a range of industries to help employers who want to hire workers from overseas or within New Zealand, workers who need to attain work eligibility and people in New Zealand who need immigration services to maintain work eligibility, or move themselves or their family onto the path to residence and citizenship.

These services include:

We also work hand in hand with the recruitment team to help clients find and successfully bring on overseas resources when New Zealand resources aren’t available.

From start to finish, we aim for success with minimal time, cost and stress

The work we perform and the processes we undertake on your behalf are full service and include:

  • Qualification and Vetting
  • Document Collection and Checking
  • Application Submission
  • INZ / Candidate Engagement
  • Where a INZ mandated Job Check hasn’t been completed for the role, FRENZ do full check including advertising, vetting, interviewing, criminal and reference check of applicants as well as provide the required sample employment agreement.

Christiaan H E Arns

Principal Licensed Immigration Adviser, #200900034

20 years’ experience in NZ immigration

Benefitting you through years of gaining knowledge and know-how

Years of practice in niche industries, being on the forefront of policy developments, expertise and strong relationships mean that we know what needs to be done, when and how. For both companies and candidates, this translates to:

Reduced Frustration and Wasted Time | Optimal Process Time | More Positive Outcomes | Ongoing Support

Contact us for help…

  • If you’re an employer  looking to bring in an overseas worker and need to know more about our services, you can call us at 0800 891 1314
  • If you want to secure a position or obtain work eligibility,  you can contact us or fill out a quick form and we’ll contact you.  

If we can help you, we’ll contact you with our terms and all the relevant documents (as required under the Code of Conduct for Licensed Immigration Advisers by the Immigration Advisers Association of New Zealand).

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8 Adelaide Street,
Auckland 1010. New Zealand

+64 21 711 071 | 0800 891 314

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