Find workers experienced across construction trades

FRENZ are you partner in navigating the mix of opportunities and hurdles facing the building industry: significant growth opportunities hampered by a lack of suitable workers, increased scrutiny on labour hire companies and lethargic government support.

FRENZ years of success come down to a simple recipe:

  • strong interpersonal relationship and ethical dealings with employers, worker and government alike
  • honed systems and processes that pave the way for employers to get the right staff for the job.

One Stop Shop

From sourcing and qualifying to immigration and migration

Qualified Aptitude and Attitude

Experienced, capable, reliable and good character.

Solutions and Choice

Selection of diverse, internationally experienced
workers across range of trades 


Know how and engagement to build relationships that deliver positive results

We find workers who have strong work ethics and years of experience for a variety of trades: 

We give you access to a world of highly experienced and qualified workers

So that you get the staff you need when you need them, FRENZ has a pool of pre-screened candidates – from short term backpackers to long term Kiwis and overseas workers.

We’ll assess their suitability for your role, we assess

  quality and quantity of their experience

qualifications and board registration

  culture fit to your organisation

  skills match and assessment

If you decide to offer a candidate a job, we:

  Negotiate Acceptance and onboarding

  • Where the candidate is offshore, manage all their immigration requirements through our Licensed Immigration Advisors
  • Work through their travel logistics

What should you know about hiring people from overseas?

Attaining work approval is a lot easier than it sounds when you use professional immigration advisers.

FRENZ immigration process is designed to require minimal effort on your part and deliver positive outcomes as quickly as possible:

  • Representing your employment agreement with the candidate on your behalf
  • Working with the candidate in the compiling and correctly completing the required documents expeditiously with an eye to preempting any known INZ minefields
  • Submitting the application and overseeing the process to address any issues through to decision on the visa application
  • Working with you to meet INZ requirements to retain them longer term

You don’t have to limit yourself to New Zealand only 

  • Hiring an overseas candidate allows employers to tap into high calibre experience, new ideas and energy
  • FRENZ provides a stress-free end to end service, finding the best offshore skilled candidates and securing their ability to work in NZ

If you would like to talk to us about a staffing requirement, you can call us on 0800 891 314, or send your information and requirements to us directly here.

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