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Find dairy farm workers of NZ farms

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From sourcing and vetting to checking and on boarding

Qualified Aptitude and Attitude

Experienced, capable, reliable and good character.

Solutions and Choice

Pool of short and long term
workers with placement and
payment options


Know how and engagement to build relationships that deliver positive results

We find workers who are the best in the field (and the shed)

So that you get the staff you need when you need them, FRENZ has a pool of pre-screened candidates – from short term backpackers to long term Kiwis and overseas workers.

We’ll assess their suitability for your role, we look at

  the quality and quantity of their experience.

  whether their personalities will fit with your farm culture and existing staff

  whether their skills are a match to what you need or a complement to what you currently have.

  interest in your specific farm

If you want to decide to offer a candidate a job, we have a choice of placement options:

  Daily casual charging – ideal for short term or trial employees

  One off placement pricing – for employers/employees who decide to make a more permanent employment arrangement.

We watch for and uncover any potential problem areas that may mean a candidate is less qualified, reliable and, for overseas, likely to be approved by immigration. For example: Is the candidate from a country with current or historical industry related issues

  • Is their experience in countries with farming systems similar to those in NZ
  • What verbal and visual cues are they showing which may mean we need to further evaluation experience or knowledge
  • where candidates sit on our proprietary language proficiency scale and,
  • which worker characteristics have proven to be most valuable (reliable and productive) across our farming clients.

If you would like to talk to us about a staffing requirement, you can call us on 0800 891 314, or send your information and requirements to us directly here.

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