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Employer Accreditation-Solution Quote Request

The new Immigration NZ 3 check system which comes in from 4 July to replace six temporary migrant visas with one Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV), was designed to be easier, faster and promote Kiwi worker hiring while protecting migrants.  However, at a time when businesses have too much work on already, the three checks- #1 Employer , #2 Job and #3 Migrant – mean more work, new INZ fees and additional requirements to demonstrate that your business is genuine, financially viable and meeting employment and immigration practices.

Fortunately, we can take on that work for you.  If you’d like to find out where we can help, just provide some key information so that we can look at solution options and costs for you.

For example, involving a lot of the same key people, and operating in the same sector providing the same goods or services.


Key people include company directors, partners, managers, or anyone who can influence your business' compliance with employment or immigration law


Can you estimate how many migrants will need a visa/variation to work in your business in the next 12 months (new or renewal or variations for workers in NZ or coming from overseas)?


Accreditation requires that you are a compliant business. For the first accreditation, the company and its key people must not be on a stand down

not mandatory for this form
This includes being listed on the Companies Office Banned Directors List.


INZ requires that businesses must have sufficient funds to: pay staff wages and salaries, and - pay all other operating costs and expenses, and - purchase inventory (if relevant).

For example, having contracts for work or another future source of revenue.
For example, having contracts for work or another future source of revenue.


Check all that may apply

FRENZ will provide you a proposal + free quote based on your responses.

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