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FRENZ counters to high immigration agency charges with fair fee commitment

We’ve been astounded to hear from numerous clients that there are immigration agencies in the market charging in the range of $3000-$4500 for 3 year visa applications.  We don’t see anything to support this type of behaviour.  So, to ensure that employers and migrant workers have a safe harbour from these types of costs, we are committing to visa prices based on the work we do and value we deliver and not what we can get away with in a time of Covid and limited farm worker challenges.

As a result, we’ve put in place ‘fair fee’ pricing which is a fraction of that charged by some of the other, well known agencies.

Value pricing with additional discounts for repeat activity

With greater scrutiny from INZ on, and increased importance of, the 3 year visa, there’s more work involved for which we price accordingly.  Our pricing also acknowledges the repeat clients or those with a FRENZ worker with additional discounts of up to 10%.

  • 6 Month Visas – $1,875 and less
  • 3 Year Visas – $2,500 and less

These costs are inclusive of GST and the $495 INZ application fee.  Passport photo, and any required eMedicals, Police Clearance Certificates or new passports are excluded

These prices are subject to change.

Until 31 January 2021, we are also offering two promotions for 6 month visas for those who:

  • do one 6 month with us and return for their next, or-
  • make an upfront ‘purchase’ of two 6 month visas which is an ideal retention tool for employers.

Find more information on these promotions here.

Expert, personalised services aimed to reduce your work and worry

Rest assured, these lower prices don’t mean we’ll lower our service standards.  We’ll continue to deliver the same personalized, innovative and expert service that have made us a trusted leader in the dairy industry. And, as always, we work through proven processes designed to remove the work and worry from employers and applicants, including:

  • Robust vacancy advertising
  • Full market labour test
  • Pre-application adviser consultation to identify potential issues, opportunities and/or address any questions
  • Full document collection, compilation and review
  • Creation of INZ streamlined Employment Agreements, if desired
  • Application submission and stewardship through ongoing INZ engagement
  • Formal inquiry responses, where necessary
  • Updates to employer and applicant throughout

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