Residence Pathway for Herd Managers and Assistant Farm Managers

INZ have announced that, from the 15th of February 2021,  the Assistant Farm Manager and Herd Manager roles on dairy farms will be recognised as skilled positions and able to earn points towards Residence.

These points, which were previously only for Farm Managers, means that if you are working in either position, you will be able to get points for skilled employment. If you have enough points, you will be able to submit your expression of interest for residence

What this news means to your eligibility to submit an Expression of Interest for Residence is dependant on your personal circumstances.  For this, we strongly advise you remove the rumours and guess work and engage us do a formal assessment for you which will:

  • review, in detail, your personal and professional situation
  • give you a clear view of clear and accurate understanding you current eligibility
  • recommend a pathway for future if you’re not currently eligible
  • provide a follow up session to go through the assessment with you and address any questions or concerns you may have

The cost for this comprehensive service is $500 plus GST.  And, if you use our immigration service to assist you with the actual RV application, we will credit the assessment cost towards the cost of that service during the end of the application process.

While INZ is still not selecting from this Expression of Interest pool (determined by ranking) and have no date when the selection will be opening again, it’s important to make sure that we move promptly with a submission before INZ makes any changes that might negatively impact your eligibility (e.g., increasing point requirements).

If you’re interested in proceeding, you can email us here so we can provide you with a terms of service as well as a list of documents that you need to send to start the process.


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