INZ Adds More Slots for the Overseas Worker Border Exception

INZ have allocated another 300 quota of farm workers for a ‘border exception’ to allow overseas workers to come to New Zealand upon successful completion of a 2 Step Process managed by DairyNZ, MPI and INZ.

The outcome would be that, through this employer sponsored work, prospective workers would receive a Critical Purpose Visitor Visa for up to one year, bring their family as well and, if they are Herd Manager or above, be able to apply for the 2021 Resident Visa if they are here before 31 July.

FRENZ Border Exception Service

We’ve done a number of successful of Border Exceptions since its introduction and have also learned where to avoid some landmines. So, we’re happy to offer this service to you to help sure up your team before calving and before the Employer Accreditation is introduced.

The two step process is

Step 1 – Border Exception Application Step 2 – Critical Purpose Visitor Visa Application
  • the employer, or the adviser working on behalf of the employer and candidate, create the requirements for the application which is an array of documents from evidence of need, proof of candidate relevant experience, proof of advertising, employment and related agreements and farm structure.
  • Submit to DairyNZ who, along with MPI, will assess the application and, if approved, invite the employer to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) to INZ for assessment and ideally result in an Invitation to Apply (ITA).
  • Undertake the visa application for the worker and, potentially, family

Costs and Commitments

The process and takes about 2-3 months from start to arrival so this is something you might want to get started on for calving support – either to return a worker from overseas or to bring on an alternative experienced overseas candidate (we have a range of experienced, pre-screened overseas candidates, some with NZ experience, who are keen to come into country.)

Requirement Cost
Expression of Interest $380 inc gst
Salary (base salary and accommodation value) Farm Assistants:- $28 per hour; Herd Managers: $79,500 at 40 hours per week and $38.23 per hour thereafter; Asst Farm Managers: $92,000 at 40 hours per week and $44.23 per hour thereafter
Visa Visas are generally paid by the worker unless that person comes from the Philippines which mandates this is paid by employer; The employer may agree to advance with wage deduction or relocation bond (not allowed by POEA).
POEA (Philippines Overseas Employment Administration) If Filipino workers are coming from the Philippines, need to go through the POEA process which is a cost payable by the employer.  The cost will depend on whether its through direct hire or an agency
Travel Travel generally would fall with worker unless that person comes from the Philippines which mandates this is paid by employer
MIQ MIQ is terminated so this is no longer applicable.  In the off chance its reinstated, the employer would pay up to $2600 and, where they agree to support dependents, the cost for them as well.  These costs cannot be on charged to the worker (e.g., no wage deduction)
Salary while in MIQ Effectively, the employment agreement begins the day they arrive in MIQ so regular salary must be paid

Please contact us if you have any questions and/or want to get started either with a prospective candidate you have in mind or would like to see FRENZ pre-screened candidates.



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